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«ЕДАВОДА» — новый пляжно-гастрономический проект компании «Эклектика» в уединенном и живописном уголке Героевского. Берег Черного моря, пляжное кафе, мангал-меню, лаунж зона, vip пляж, парковка, детская площадка. Если вы — поклонник вкусного, комфортного и непринужденного отдыха у моря, летний проект «ЕДАВОДА» к Вашим услугам!

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Smoking Goat

Got £3.80 in your pocket? Great. Because that’s all you’ll need for Smoking Goat’s lardo-fried rice. Aka the best fried rice in London. They cook down the back fat of outdoor-reared Tamworth pigs, then fry it up with rice, a little egg and a paste of chilli, garlic and coriander root. Plus whatever veggie offcuts are lying around. It’s the colour of autumn,

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There’s nothing like Hoppers in London. Sure, there’s good Sri Lankan food in certain pockets of the capital. But very few restaurants are exclusively Sri Lankan (most are South Indian and certainly don’t do hoppers, the egg-topped pancakes after which this Soho restaurant is named); the few exceptions are okay, rather than amazing. So the fact that Hoppers

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The Bright

Heard of P Franco? It’s a super-cool Dalston wine shop that also happens to do a mean line in comestibles. Bright is from the same crew, but is a restaurant proper. And it’s the best thing to hit the neighbourhood since sliced bread. Sliced bread also happens to be the makings of the cutest thing on the menu – a meaty take on a fish finger sarnie, using

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